Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Timmy visits Man City Academy

(Picture of first team gym, looks decent doesn't it.... wonder how many are squatting or lifting in it though??)
It was a great opportunity for me to take as I left for Manchester City and a tour around the club from the academy. Jools Ward of Manchester City FC took me around the various facilities starting on Wednesday as I saw where youth teams trained at the academy. I found the people working at the facility to be very helpful and not afraid to share information from questions I asked. I bumped into the assistant S and C coach. He took me on a tour around the fitness facilities, which are currently being worked on. He was most helpful and it was encouraging to hear the S and C language being explained in what he does with each team. (First time I've heard in football). These were mostly corrective alignment issues with most players. So simple squat patterns and stabilization of trunk helped in these areas. For a football player there is a constant movement from the hips. Jools explained the testing procedures during the in-season, constant reassessment was administered to the team players. He stated about the goalkeeper training using the counter-movement triple extension and the non counter-movement jump, but breaking down the jump to shift the hips and laterally adjust the legs to generate as much force from the ground as possible, (e.g.) from a penalty kick making that extra edge to achieve a greater power to save the shot. I found it interesting to discover these methods of achieving development of players to get the extra edge. The coaches think outside the box by looking at the detail of generating force from different areas of improvement. They also build fantastic relationships with parents and gain respect from the players, although some over-confident players can be too big for their boots. They can be difficult to tame and difficult to find out what their true potential is. For example if there is a player lifting big weight for his body weight, yet seems to be easy for him, his ego does it and seems to be a breeze. This has its pros and cons. Yes the player is relaxed and playful although he could go a lot further. Coaching these talented athletes can be a challenge. This could be the same on the field of play and that player not achieving his best. At this level a player has most certainly not made it, even in the first team the player has not made it and there is always room for learning. Unfortunately this is what stops a great player from achieving the best they can be. Cristiano Ronaldo is a great example of a worker - a grafter, a player who doesn't give up. He is the first to be for breakfast and last to leave the training field. People wonder why he looks so good physically on the pitch. His foreign culture should be mimicked through the rest of British football, as the culture of football in some areas is still traditional and not free to embrace new methods to improve performance and reduce risk of injury. My experience was enjoyable and will continue learning and developing to help out the guys ESC-NI work with.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The athletes are out there!!!

The future of irish weightlifting. Clarence Kennedy is a unique athlete who has the ability to be an outstanding weightlifter but as in any aspect of life, to be successful many hours of practice is needed to be the best.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Its a Funny Old World

A Tuesday morning was spent having a fun session at Cookstown. Its amazing how a little competition within a session can spice it up and push you to further yourself. Have a look at

Cheers Colin for the video.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Science Behind Fat Loss Seminar

ESC-NI are hosting a seminar in the Armagh City Hotel on Wednesday 26th January entitled 'The Science Behind Fat Loss'.

Timmy (ESC-NI) has been organising the event and has invited Dr. Gareth Davison (Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Science) from the University of Ulster as the key-note speaker. Neil and Timmy will be representing ESC-NI at the seminar.

The seminar will take place in the Fisher Suite from 7-9pm and will cost £5. There will be a cooking demonstration by Hotel Chef Gerard Mallon to conclude the event.

Queens PEC Session (Sat 8/1/11)

Neil, Robbie and Pete completed a session up at Queens PEC, Belfast. There are 3 Platforms, and the Bars and plates are decent enough with it the gym normally pretty busy. Lot's of cardio equipment - countless number of comcept 2's in the room next door.

Pete was doing dead hang work - focusing on the clean and he worked up to 150kg. He then did 3 x of 1 DH Clean and 2 Front Squats at 135kg. He then worked up to a straight foward 170kg Back Squat.

Robbie hit another 80kg in snatch, and followed up with 105kg CJ. Back Squat of 135kg. He did some 3 x 1Clean 2 FS at 100.....and finished with few pull-ups for the weekend!

Neil got an 80kg snatch and hit 100CJ and up to 108kg clean. The snatch was a pb up 3kg from 77kg. 140kg BS and 20 pull-ups.

Got a few of the lifts on mobile camera:

Robbie's 80

Neil 100

Pete 145

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Website -

Our website is now nearing completion and we are in the process of adding a few fininshing touches.

We have been working with a number of local clubs from various Sports recently and have received positive results and feedback (so far!). (See Testimonial section on website).
Over the past few months we have been working alongside:

- Aztecs Volleyball.
- NI Volleyball (Junior Girls National Squad).
- Glenavon FC Academy.
- Armagh Rovers FC.
- Loughgall FC.
We hope over the coming months to add to our list of teams and athletes, and the new website should help towards achieving this goal!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

GoLift interviews...

We thought we would share some info on our own training, goals, hobbies, nutrition etc. Please add you own list to our comments:

Name: Robbie

Favourite Lift: Snatch when I’m lifting well

Least Favourite Lift: Snatch when I’m not lifting well

Short and Long Term Goals:
Short-term - To improve my strength through the full range of movement and snatch 90kg by Xmas. Snatch 85kg last week so getting close and follow Mobility WOD to make myself do some mobility work each day.
Long-term – Keep lifting; training hard and most importantly enjoy it. Want to lift till I’m about 35 then go do some ultra endurance events.

Hobbies/Activities outside of Training:
Love to eat steak, read the paper, being outdoors, swim in the ocean and spending time with my girlfriend/family/friends. I do like the odd cycle, climbing a few mountains, all watersports and having relaxing Sundays in which I just ‘Potter About.’

How is your Diet: Could always be better but I am not totally strict on what I eat. Follow Robb Wolff thinking with the Paleo Nutrition but I will say again that I am not strict Paleo eater. Keep the meat and fish intake high with 200g of protein per day. Always eat some berries in the morning and fish oil supplementation for anti-inflammatory reasons. Get my fruit and veg in everyday and love my double espresso twice a day to keep me going. I use protein post-workout and that’s it, no magic mix that will make me as stacked as a Bulgarian weightlifter. Keep it basic and get the calories in everyday, which enables me to train hard.

Advice for someone new to lifting: Find a coach, listen to them, be patient, train hard & recover well. I started lifting with no coach and wasn’t able to put my body into the positions it needs to go to be a good lifter. I trained poorly too often and didn’t let my body recover or adapt. I learnt some important lessons through trial and error so don’t make the same mistakes as me.



Favourite Lift - Snatch

Least Favourite Lift - Snatch Balance

Short and Long Term Goals - To achieve short term goals for long term results in everything.

Hobbies/Activities outside of Training - Searching for the best eating spots in the province, cooking, social banter with family and friends, and reading my Bible daily.

How is your Diet - I like the occasional Lemon Meringue once a week although people call me “Health Freak” so I’ll let you be the judge that.

Advice for someone new to lifting - Perseverance - Take your time especially when technique is so important.


Favourite Lift - I enjoy both lifts equally.

Least Favourite Lift - Same as Robbie, the snatch technically has to be so precise as weight goes up, margin for error decreases. Causing me many frustrating misses.

Short and Long Term Goals - Playing football, work, family life etc have meant until the summer I can only get in max. 2-3 sessions a week. So maintinance is priority until footy season ends - try and keep strength up. Long Term (next couple of years) I would like to compete to have clearer focus to my training and to get the buzz on the platform.

Hobbies/Activities outside of Training - Family time - Married with baby girl, relaxing at home, always keep a check on various blogs/websites eg. calstrength, cataylst, etc. emmanuel church and bible study.

How is your Diet - Think its pretty good, but could be better too. try to be organised and plan ahead to ensure good choices. Bought paleo solution book recently.

Advice for someone new to lifting - Give it a go! Never compromise technique for weight. Set realistic goals - what do you want to get out of it. Be accountable to someone - training partner or coach.